How to Buy Land to Build a House in Florida

So, you have decided to buy some land to build a house, and it may sound simple; however, you will find many decisions are ahead of you now. There is a great deal about the process to learn; however, many happy homeowners before you have taken the journey from finding and purchasing their land to … Continued

Should You Invest in Land or the Stock Market During Inflation?

If you’ve seen the news, you’ve heard that our economy is heading into a period of inflation. What is inflation? Essentially, this means that the price of EVERYTHING goes up. So, this begs the question – should you invest in land or the stock market during inflation? Let’s take a look. What is Inflation? Inflation … Continued

Buying Vacant Land For Investment In Florida

There are many ways that you can invest in real estate – from residential to commercial to multifamily… and one often overlooked way to invest is a land investment. Are you looking at buying vacant land for investment in Florida? If so, keep reading because this blog post will walk you step by step through … Continued